Haters Gonna Hate

Is it trolls just can’t abide a happy woman?

fit, fat, and feminist

For some reason there is something… or somethings… about me some people just really hate. I mean, I never expect to be everyone’s cup of tea. But honestly I am surprised at times the amount of obsessive hate I get directed at me. Particularly the obsessive part. Like the folks who obviously disagree with me and clearly straight up do not like me, yet still apparently read everything I write here and on other websites- and check all my workouts I post online. I mean, I have a blog specifically identified as being about feminism, I expect the random nasty comments. That some people really get so obsessed though that they don’t just say “haha fattie!!!!” (<- real comments I get often) and move on but keep following all my activities across various websites- that was a bit unexpected.

But I guess I should have expected, I’m fat, I’m a woman…

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  1. I’ve found that at the moment an angry other has nothing useful to add, they go for mud. I’ve found it useful & amusing to point this out right after it happened, framing it as expected and indicative of their lack of other resources.

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