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Haters Gonna Hate

Is it trolls just can’t abide a happy woman?

fit, fat, and feminist

For some reason there is something… or somethings… about me some people just really hate. I mean, I never expect to be everyone’s cup of tea. But honestly I am surprised at times the amount of obsessive hate I get directed at me. Particularly the obsessive part. Like the folks who obviously disagree with me and clearly straight up do not like me, yet still apparently read everything I write here and on other websites- and check all my workouts I post online. I mean, I have a blog specifically identified as being about feminism, I expect the random nasty comments. That some people really get so obsessed though that they don’t just say “haha fattie!!!!” (<- real comments I get often) and move on but keep following all my activities across various websites- that was a bit unexpected.

But I guess I should have expected, I’m fat, I’m a woman…

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Have Diva Cup, will travel? (Guest Post)


Have we blogged about periods? I feel like someone must have…Sam?

(Editor’s note: No. We haven’t. We’ve blogged a bit about menopause. See here and here. But not menstruation. That’s because we’re older than you!–Sam and Tracy)

This is making me yearn for menopause! Anyway, as I’m running, swimming and cycling for longer periods of time I’m noticing the advantages of using a Diva Cup to manage the fluid dynamics of an ever unpredictable period. The great thing is, even during longer races or workouts, I don’t need to bring extra supplies, just empty that cup into to johnny-on-the-spot, wash my hands and away I go. Going away for a weekend to run a race, have Diva Cup, will travel!

I’ve also recently become a fan of Lunapanties with their extra absorbent gusset. I’ve had random bladder incontinence walking into work and I can never tell when that will…

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