Planning Our Visit to the Salad Bowl of Death

I’ll be watching from the sidelines through my fingers




I first referred to it as a salad bowl. It feels like you’re riding around on the inside of a wooden salad bowl.

My friend David added “of Death.” He did Track 1, Intro to Track, with me a few years ago. The first time you corner it’s hard to hold your line because it feels like you’re riding really fast into a wooden wall, Deep breath, hold the black line, and look through the corner. You can get some sense of what that feels like here.

It’s real name is the Forest City Velodrome.

“The Forest City Velodrome is an indoor cycling facility in London, Ontario, Canada. The building was constructed in 1963 as the London Gardens, home to the London Knights ice hockey team. In 1994 it was renamed London Ice House. In early 2005 it was remodeled into the Forest City Velodrome by local cycling…

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