My garden keeps working on me

Since the awesome Forest Garden Convergence in June I’ve been seeing my garden in a new light. There’s been a shift in my thinking about how densely to pack the plants in, about what’s being pulled and what I leave to grow. I’ve started thinking about which foods I already eat that are perennials (like asparagus, berries and nuts) and how I can get more perennial foods in my garden.

kale thyme sage garlic chives polyculture

More than that, my relationship to food is changing, I’ve started asking “how far has this travelled to me?” and “what does this food do for me?”. I’m appreciating how much work goes into growing food and I’ve become a bit more miserly, making sure nothing goes to waste.

I love growing things, something I discovered when we lived in the Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia. Playing in the earth drops me from from hectic to reflective almost immediately and I’ve been looking for more things that trigger the relaxation response. I feel that deep sense of calm and well-being when I meditate, chant, work on my yoga practice, read and even staring into my aquarium.

.planted tank June 29 2014

I see my blood pressure drop as I eat a more plant based diet and I’ve been able to engage my self-discipline to mange my over-eating and use of alcohol. My blood pressure is dropping and my weight is shifting, decreasing by 6%, from simply being mindful.

As I try to apply the principles of permaculture to my garden and to myself. The most transformation has been on me, my thoughts and actions, what some folks call internal permaculture. I’m hoping to get a copy of this great book to keep growing my ability to nurture myself.