More than I can grok

I was not able to contribute meaningfully to the end of the day panel, I had no questions, it was, to use a term Lorenna had said, more than I could ‘grok’ (Don’t know that word? read Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlein).

My head and heart were full of great ideas, wonderful experinces and the joy of being with awesome humans. I had left my house in the morning excited at what the day would bring. I had posted on facebook how much I was looking forward to a day with hippies, plant nerds and queers as I consider myself an neo-hippie-plant-nerd-queer and so rarely get to see all 3 communities together.

The day, while packed full, was calming and grounding, something I’ve needed more of recently with my high blood pressure diagnosis and the trips to my doctor and psychologist.

The next day, Sunday June 1, was equally gorgeous and as I went out into the back garden I was filled with a renewed sense of awe. Yes, of all 4 gardens the back yard is the shabbiest, dog dug saddest excuse for a garden but it is also a triumph of building soil. When we moved here 4 years ago the ground was hardpan clay, nothing growing sav a few hostas out front. The south side of the house was gravel, the north dark and funky smelling. While the north, south and west gardens are lush and filled with yummy goodness it was only this year I turned my efforts to the back yard.

There are now hardy kiwis, elderberry, nanny-berry, gooseberry, paw paws, hazelnuts, currants, scotia berries and high-bush cranberries in a yard that was only dandelions. Yes, there are still dandelions, garlic mustard and some creeping bellflower but there is also beauty and lots of bees, birds, butterflies, skunks, raccoons, rabbits, squirrels and chipmunks. They seem to hardly notice the concrete parking garage only 3 lots away and neither do I.