When Sophia guides you

I lucked out at Forest Garden Convergence as a wonderful human who I adore happened to be a presenter, Sophia Bonnie Wodin. Whenever I see Sophia my heart sings, she just brings out the best in me. I had met her through Food Not Lawns London Ontario and we had collaborated on some projects. I was excited to experience her facilitation.

Listening to the Land was the title to this experiential learning and Sophia’s facilitation was lovely. It helped me drop right down into my body and out of the whirling overly analytical/critical monkey brain I usually walk around with. Of course my inner critic wanted to not engage with the exercises but Sophia’s warm voice had words for those doubts to “act as though” because she knew some of us would resist the imagery of communing with plants or listening to the earth. Those three words, “act as though” nipped the critic in the bud and I got a great deal of joy from participating, hearing other’s experiences and Sophia’s guiding words. It was a wonderful way to spend 45 minutes under mature cherry trees, next to paw paw guilds in the dappled shade.