My experience at the Forest Garden Convergence

Yesterday I had the chance to spend an entire day with people interested in forest gardening. The Forest Garden Convergence was more than I could have hoped for and I’d love to share with you why connecting with people face to face was such a wonderful part of the day.

If you’ve never heard of forest gardening you are in the majority, in my experience it is a movement that is gaining momentum but not widely practiced. Essentially it is a garden design inspired by how forests work to minimize inputs and maximize yield. You can find out lots more on home scale food forests here 

The event was hosted at The Living Centre and I’d never been there before. At first it seems like a typical South-western Ontario farm but soon you see the permaculture design elements everywhere. The start of the day was in the lodge which had rammed earth tires around the greenhouse footing course inspired by Earthships. Our hosts, Lorenna and Shantree welcomed everyone and cued up a video sent in by Eric Toensmeier, plant nerd extraordinaire.

The day flew by, 45 minute seminars were offered in the lodge and on various sites on the land. It was sunny and gorgeous and the participants lovely. To do it justice I’ll make short posts about each of the seminars and what I’ve taken from them.

My one regret was not realizing there would be evening festivities until after I had another commitment. I would have loved to soak up some awesomeness.