I can sequester carbon?

Forest Garden Convergence, video by Eric Toensmeier

Folks familiar with forest gardens will recognize the co-author of Edible Forest Gardens, a heafty 2 volume tome (more of a labour of love), and Paradise Lot (which is a great read).

Eric updated us on exciting things happening with the Apios Institute and forest gardening in general. He is a skilled speaker and covered a breadth of topics from climate change, breeding perennials for taste and carbon sequestering.

I think his focus on experimenting and recording successes and failures of polycultures (a.k.a. plant guilds) is essential. Citizen scientists ( hobbyists like me) can trial and share what has worked for us in our climate and soil and save other’s time.

Forest gardens are hardy, able to withstand changing temperatures and heavy rains that a traditional rows based garden struggle with.

The most interesting part of his talk was how perennials, shrubs and trees are the best way for gardeners to mitigate climate change and provide effective sequestering of carbon. say what????

Yes. You & me, we can do things to help pull carbon out of the atmosphere and put it back in plants & soil. MIND BLOWN.

My mind was blown by 10 am on May 31 at the Forest Garden Convergence. Read up on carbon sequestering here.



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