On the Move Organics

We’ve been ordering from On the Move Organics for 4 weeks. At first I thought the modest bin was far too little vegetables for my ravenous horde of four. My caloric needs are modest but my two teenagers and runner spouse consume a lot of food. I jokingly refer to my beloved as Mr. Twitchy, he’s always on the move himself so how cool is it a company named that delivers fresh produce to my door?

After the third week I realized we weren’t eating everything before the next delivery. Uh oh. The veggies keep coming as I keep clicking to opt in each week and this week the kicker was enormous swiss chard. I mean, the leaves were the width of the dinner plate, the bunch filled the entire layer in the bin. HUGE. So I ramped up our veggies servings from 2 to 4 for lunch and dinner and made sure everyone was having fruit for breakfast and snacks. Mr. Twitchy looked at me this weekend and said:

“Thank you for taking care of this for our family. We are eating the best we ever have.”

All I could think is, there’s another bin coming so I got to get chopping!


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  1. I’ve been getting a weekly organic produce delivery for almost 13 years and I absolutely love it. At first I felt the same way, and I loved that it forced us to eat more veggies and fruits, now I actually order the equivalent of 2 boxes per week (we juice every day) and couldn’t be happier about it. (FYI… I’m in London too 😉 )

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