Monthly Archives: January 2014

walking under the weight of winter

It’s the last week of January and it is proper cold in London, Ontario. The kind of cold where you like the itch of your wool scarf because it is better than the bite of the wind. It’s made me ornery, nay, a bit more of an asshole. I find the winter a challenge so I try to be extra mindful of my self-care. I have committed to doing a short yoga routine each morning just to keep me limber and boost my mood. Today it just feels like:

make my namaste

It will be a year in February that I decided to start a blog. The original goal was to share my journey of becoming a nicer person but I realize now that what I really need to do is WRITE. Just WRITE. Write often, consistently and on whatever moves me. This means the scope of posts will move into short fiction, cooking, gardening, crafts and exercise. The good news is you only have to read the stuff you like to hear about. Namaste.