Drop the deadweight

You’ve extended the tentacle of friendship to new and exciting people, you are trying new things and smiling. You are probably only 70% asshole now and there is something holding you back, your asshole friends. It’s time to do a friend audit and decide who is bringing you down. I’m serious. Are you maintaining the friendship out of obligation? So you truly think this person is a jerk? Drop them like a hot potatoe. Your life is filling up with great people who bring out the best in you so attrition may take care of most of that. It never hurts to be mindful.

There’s another challenge that’s even harder than letting bad friendships fade, admitting some friends you keep around to be your emotional punching bag. Worse yet, they are so poorly behaved they make your antics look better. Yikes.

I had a friend admit recently to keeping a person on their fiends list just to call them on their bullshit because it was entertaining. I love my friend but…danger Will Robinson…Danger! These are the kinds of things that increase your asshole quotient.

So drop the deadweight, I do it with a facebook and phone cull every year. Turns out the worst folks never even notice.