Try something weird 3 times

I’m talking about moving outside your comfort zone. My college roommate Renée always said to try things 3 times. She figured the first time trying something new was too intense you couldn’t really make a decision on it so you had to do it a second time. If you got conflicting results a third try would settle the deal, by the third try you could confidently decide whether or not you liked this weird thing.

Sushi was like that for me. The first time I ate sushi the flavours and textures were so new I wasn’t sure what I thought of it. So I went back 2 more times and I can confidently say not only sushi but all kinds of Japanese cuisine is amazing. Tempura? Yes please. Pan fried dumplings? Yum! Udon soup? Sling some slurpy noodle awesomeness my way because it is great.

Sometimes it’s hard to try new or what may be at first, weird, especially as we get older. Little kids are adventurous about some things and sometimes picky about food but a toddler has nothing on a sixty something white guy who is set in his ways.

Don’t be that guy. Set aside your fear, your trepidation and give yourself over to the wonder of trying something new or learning something new.

I still can’t use the kinnect control on my kids xbox 360. There’s just something weird about the interface but I sure do love to shake my groove thing on the dancing game so I fumble through the menu until I get to do the Hustle, it really makes me laugh.