Denis Leary, nicer now than in 1993

Remember the Asshole song?

I do. Sadly I didn’t get that it was satire at the time. At the height of my angry-proud-of-being-an-asshole days this was my anthem. That’s right. I was proud of being mean and ornery and no one did stand up meaner than Denis Leary. He embodied the straight-talking-insult-slinging person I was trying to be.

Turns out though, Denis seems to be a “nice guy”. What? My angry icon? In the 20 years since the release of the song Denis has championed for change in all kinds of pretty awesome ways. He started the Leary Firefighters Foundation. He supports other charities. His stand up act was always social commentary but lately, maybe it was having kids, maybe it is just about getting a bit older, he’s just…well…nicer.

And I’m thinking, if Denis Leary, who built his career on being an asshole while making fun of assholes (I haven’t quite wrapped my brain around that conundrum) can move along the road to nicer then I can too.

Beneath all the ranting and anger, that’s mellowed to a simmering frustration, is the guy who said this:

“Racism isn’t born folks, it’s taught. I have a two year old son. You know what he hates? Naps! End of list.”

So maybe you want to change. Maybe you want to take a step on the road to nicer but your plant died (it’s ok, get another plant). Take that cause you care about, that thing that reminds you of vulnerability, and do something to make it better. Donate. Volunteer. Hug the kid you got before you realized maybe you weren’t ready for the kid.

It’s ok, we got this. Denis is nicer now than in 1993, we can be nicer too.